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Kamdon Callaway-Sutterfield was born in Texas and immediately started her life of moving adventures with her family. As a child, her sparkling personality was drawn to the arts including music, drama, and the visual arts, wherever she lived. This passion eventually led her to graduate with a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Painting.

While getting her degree, she was told not to paint “pretty things” which led her down a road of self doubt and eventually steered her to completely stop painting. She ended up moving to many different places and worked in Graphic Design. However, Kamdon put aside her artistic endeavors to start a family and stay home with her two kids. This was by far her greatest adventure and dream.

When both of her kids were in school, and she had a few more moments to herself, she realized how important it was to do something strictly for herself that would bring her joy. That’s when she picked up her brush and started painting “pretty things.” It was at this point that she started to paint and transform canvas, fabric, floors, walls, cabinets, cakes and anything else that could become beautiful with a few paint strokes.

When Kamdon paints on fabric and creates illustrations, she likes to take an image and then make it into a whimsical tale through her point of view. She uses a combination of digital design, acrylics, fabric and water color to create an image that captures her graphic colorful style. Kamdon wants to portray the essence of her subject and then give them a quirky spin. She uses a technique that lets her paint on fabric and then manipulate it with paint to create shadows and highlights which results in a realistic image. This new way of using products sets her apart from other artists and illustrators.

Kamdon also uses her skills to find the heart of a space and home and then bring it to life with her paint, wallpaper, tile, flooring, cement, brushes, hammers and fabric. Because she likes to transform old things that have a history, into “pretty things”, it allows her creativity to shine. She wants to make the space individual for each and every person so that they smile every time they enter the room. Her goal is to find a persons style and then amplify it to fit their needs. These skills allowed her to be equipped to handle the next phase in her career. The Lord brought a friend and maker into her life who happened to be starring in “Mom and Me”, a new show on HGTV. Kamdon was asked to become the onset artist and painted, schmeared and plastered her way through the first season. She loved being able to take all of her artistic crazy skills and create some of her best work!

Currently Kamdon is working with a publisher creating images for a published Children’s Novelette. This book combines her love of fine art with her background in Graphic design and it is one of her proudest accomplishments. Look out for “Rosalie” this fall and the 100 plus illustrations and graphics for this beautiful and enchanting story!

Because Kamdon began to paint “pretty things” and started to create images and spaces that were beautiful to her, Kamdon’s creativity changed. She simply started to create things she enjoyed and that’s when others could see who she was as an artist and Maker. She wants to make art and designs that makes you stop, smile, and think of a different way to see things in this world. Someone else also once told her, “you just like pretty things”, which was correct.  Seeing beautiful, sparkly, delightful, whimsical things…whether in a piece of art, book, beautiful moss on the ground, a raven eating trash, or her kids giggling…was who she was created to be. Kamdon became aware that if someone didn’t see the beauty that God created, then what a boring uncolorful world it would be.


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"I will praise You because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” - Psalm 139:14